22EUE32AC Siemens

6c84b304e1b783f78d5e2467ec8b3839d5b53b88.pdf Виробник: Siemens
Description: STARTER,FVR SZ1 3/4,10-40AMPS,OP
Packaging: Box
Mounting Type: Chassis Mount
Current - Output: 40A
Type: Module
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C
Voltage - Supply: 220 ~ 480VAC
Voltage - Load: 600V
Number of Motors: 1
Motor Type: AC Motor
Control / Drive Type: Motor Starter, Reversible
Wattage - Load: 11190 W
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Технічний опис 22EUE32AC Siemens

Description: STARTER,FVR SZ1 3/4,10-40AMPS,OP, Packaging: Box, Mounting Type: Chassis Mount, Current - Output: 40A, Type: Module, Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C, Voltage - Supply: 220 ~ 480VAC, Voltage - Load: 600V, Number of Motors: 1, Motor Type: AC Motor, Control / Drive Type: Motor Starter, Reversible, Wattage - Load: 11190 W.