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2B8HoneywellPushbutton Switches UNSEALED OI
товар відсутній
2B8/JEaton BussmannDescription: TERMINAL
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2B8/JBussmann / EatonTerminals TERMINAL
товар відсутній
2B8D825-01Orion FansDescription: CRD 18AWG 884CEE7-VII - C13 8.2'
Packaging: Bulk
Color: Black
Voltage Rating: 250VAC
Current Rating (Amps): 10A
Length: 8.20' (2.50m)
Wire Gauge: 18 AWG
Shielding: Unshielded
Style: Male Pins (Blades) to Female Sockets (Slots)
Number of Conductors: 3
Cord Type: H05VV-F
1st Connector: IEC 884/CEE7-VII
2nd Connector: IEC 320-C13
Approval Agency Marking: ASTA, BSI Kitemark, CEBEC, DEMKO, ESTI, FIMKO, IMQ, KEMA, NF, NEMKO, OVE, SEMKO, SSA, VDE Registered
Approved Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingd
Part Status: Active
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120+ 483.03 грн
2B8D825-01Orion FansFan Accessories Power Cord, Europe, 3x1mm, H05VV-F, 2.5 Meter Length, 010A Plug, 002-2 Connector, 10A at 250VAC
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50+ 465.56 грн
2B8URAltech CorporationDescription: 2B8UR 8A MCB B CHAR 2 P 480Y/277
Packaging: Bulk
Current Rating (Amps): 8A
Mounting Type: DIN Rail
Illumination: None
Actuator Type: Lever
Approval Agency: CE, cURus, UL1077
Breaker Type: Thermal Magnetic
Voltage Rating - AC: 480 V
Number of Poles: 2
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термін постачання 21-31 дні (днів)
1+2692.02 грн
5+ 2468.87 грн
10+ 2283.7 грн
50+ 1853.58 грн
100+ 1737.72 грн
2B8URAltechCircuit Breakers 8A,MCB B CHAR 2PL 480Y/277VAC, UL1077
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